2018 Dolceveeta Journal

Sparks Creativity. Achieving Goals. Communication Skills. Self Confidence. Emotional Intelligence

‘Sojourn’ 2018 Dolceveeta Journal is designed in a way that it will invoke new thoughts, ideas, desires as you walk your way through it. It would lead to a lot of emotional upheaval but try to be as sincere, truthful and unbiased as possible, in order to know & create a new you, of your choice. Thoughtfully and consciously pen down your dreams into this journal because the thoughts are powerful seeds that germinate and manifest into reality. So you are on journey to create a beautiful life that shines!

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2018 Dolceveeta Journal

Sparks Creativity. Achieving Goals. Communication Skills. Self Confidence. Emotional Intelligence

‘THE ISM’ Dolceveeta journal 2018, is based on principles of living a life in sync with the Nature as prescribed by our saints and seers in Vedas. The laws of Nature always work for the Mankind & Nature and never against. If we live a life with the changing aspects of nature by consuming the right food, committing to right conduct, follow the doctrine of Dharma & karma, Practice principles of yoga and meditation, we can live a fulfilled, peaceful, long & healthy life.

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Invincible Mother

She is a caretaker, a provider, a giver, her heart keeps missing a beat and often for us. She forsakes her life, her personal desires, her ambitions and retorts to a life of being taken for granted. She gets invisible, unseen, unheard, neglected, ignored and unloved but she doesn’t complain because she is a Mother! As a natural response without feeling obligated, we need to come alive to her unfulfilled and ignored needs & desires by being obedient, respectful, caring and loving. Let us, by sharing moments of joy, by providing her security, by giving her life of dignity and by keeping her in our daily prayers, express our gratitude to ‘The Invincible Mother.’

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Global Fighters- We have adopted a school – Jai Bharat School near Palwal and provide our services in up grading the facilities.

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Promotion of girl child has been my passion, I am proud of Balita Tirki who I groomed and today she is based in Singapore and living a dream life. I support education for Girl child.

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THE EXTRAORDINAIRE- 2018 Dolceveeta Journal! Sojourn is beyond a notebook, a diary or a journal because it is a therapist and a confidante that prompts solutions through self reflection creatively. It confidentially records the story of your life, while it is yet in process of being made and keeps it both manageable and accessible. It's lined, graphed, gridded multicolored pages are conducive to tracking multiple projects while on the go and maintain every day's stuff to dos.People with lucid mind, style and taste are driven by the reflections of their own experiences, embedded thoughts and self realization.

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